Challenge your mates in archery attack and find out who is the next Robin Hood!

Only 29 EUR per person!

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Big action field with bunker, church and two towers. This action field provides the best environment for your game. You can try different game scenarios during your game.

First of all, our instructor will teach you how to properly use bow and how to shoot. It takes about 30 minutes. After this short training, you can start your game which takes 60 minutes.

We will provide you everything you need for this game, bow, special arrows and thermal mask.

For the stag we can provide bunny costume that makes your game special.

Enjoy cold beer or soft drinks during your game.

There is English speaking instructor and photographer that can provide photos in electronic format.


We will respond to your request in less than 12 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You need to be sober at the beginning of the activity to be allowed to participate.

Address: Výpadová 157, 153 00 Prague 16

How to get there: bus station: PŘÍSTAV RADOTÍN (or we can arrange a car from your hotel, just contact us)

Duration: 90 minutes

Minimun age limit: 10 years old


How is our Archery game different?

In our Archery game, you play with special bows and arrows with a soft tips. In our special wooden field you try many scenario games, so you will enjoy the game for maximum!

How to play our game?

At first, each player try to shoot arrows into targets with supervision of an experienced organizer. Then, players are divided into two teams. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy from the other team, shoot through all enemy targets or accomplish another task from one of the many scenarios.

Is it appropriate fun for kids? In another words, I am not 15 yet but want to play.

About that, we don't have a problem with kids participating in this game. If that is the case, we ensure the strict abiding of safety rules even more. Another limiting factor is strenght and size of the kid in question but we usually leave this decision to his/her parents. It is possible to rent protective gear for parents, who can follow their loved ones into the battle as an escort.

If you have more questions, please contact us directly!