Bubble football

Bouncing and running in bumber balls brings extraordinary fun to your stay with friends in Prague.

Only for 29 EUR per person!

Send us your inquiry!

Enjoy an unusual funny activity in body zorbs. Stag party or just a bunch of friends? Doesn't matter, this awesome sport is for everyone.

We worry about your safety, and so we'll give you knee pads. Distinctive jerseys, ball and rental of sports field are also included.

You won't be thirsty. There is beer and bottle of waterwaiting for each of you.

There are no rules, you can play any game mode that you can imagine. In case of classical football (soccer) game our instructor is always there to be your referee.

Let’s spice up your game with electric collars. Put them on your leg and make the game electrifying.

Pay a deposit of 100 EUR via Paypal to book your game. The balance due will be paid in cash to the instructor before the game.


We will respond to your request in less than 12 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You need to be sober at the beginning  of the activity to be allowed to participate.

Capacity: from 5 people

Duration: 60 minutes or 120 miutes - depends on the size of the group

Bring with you: sportswear and sports shoes.


Do we have to play football with the bubbles?

Of course not. You can also play rugby, bowling and other different game modes. We’d love to hear from you, if you’ve got some other crazy way of using our bubbles!

What should I wear?

Take some comfortable sportswear and sports shoes. You will sweat a lot, so don't forget to bring some extra clothes and towel.

What is the address of the pitch?

It depends on the availability of the pitch. We always strive to play in the area no more than 25 min by public transport from the city centre. We will send you exact information and instructions via e-mail.

What if the weather is bad?

The game is still on. Playing bubble football in light rain is refreshing and way better than in hot summer days, even though you will get a bit wet. Anyway, you can always ask for an indoor game. If there would be storm or heavy rain, we can try to reschedule your game, although it is not a reason for last minute cancellation.